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About Cash for Car Near By Company

Our goal is to assist you in selling your scrap car as soon as possible. You can obtain a no-obligation offer by providing us with details about your car on this website. After you input the required information about your car, we’ll use that data to generate an “As Is” offer for you.

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Eligibility of Cash for Car Near By

The users of our Site and services must be able to legally enter into binding contracts locally. More specifically, minors—those under the age of 16—are not eligible to use our services. Cash for Car Near By website is not meant to be used in countries or jurisdictions where it is illegal.

Services of Cash for Car Near By

You can submit details about your car on our Site and receive our offers. There is a time limit on these deals’ validity. Offers may be withdrawn or changed anytime, for any reason, before you get cash. You may accept an offer orally to one of our representatives, through text message, or by clicking the “Accept Offer Now” option on the website. Please note, however, that offers are subject to your compliance with these Terms and the availability of a negotiable title in the name of the legitimate seller. In addition, if specific requirements are not fulfilled, we maintain the right to withdraw offers and end sales.

It’s crucial to remember that when a car is sold, ownership is transferred to us, and the transaction is deemed final.

Methods of Payment

You have three options for paying for your car: cash, corporate cheque, or Osko.

The Obligations and Acknowledgements of the User

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  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • Legally, you are the owner of the car.
  • Everything you provide on the Site, including ownership information, lien status, mileage, car condition, and personal identity, is accurate and complete.

Remove your Personal Items

Please remove all personal items from your car after accepting an offer. You are accountable for any items you leave in your car, and we won’t be responsible for your possessions when you return the car.

Activities That Are Not Allowed by Cash for Cars Near By

It is forbidden for you to use the Site or any of its material in any way that could expose you to legal trouble in the civil or criminal courts or that would violate any national, state, local, or international laws, regulations, rules, or ordinances. You are not allowed to use the Site to submit false, fraudulent, or misleading information, violate the intellectual property rights of third parties, or carry out illegal, threatening, harassing, or defamatory actions. Moreover, you are not permitted to insert Trojan horses, viruses, or any other malicious code that could damage or interfere with the Site.


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